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Woman/San Francisco/pixelated/scientist/fiberembroidery
Wool, rayon, cotton, acrylic, silk, chenille, and buttons over needlepoint canvas. Hand knitting, crochet, and stitching.
58"H x 41"W x1.5"D

"FIT" represents the power of teachers. Especially in the current climate of scientific doubt and shifting educational opportunities, we need strong teachers who inspire and motivate. Living in the Silicon Valley of high technology and science, but dismal employment diversity, I am especially aware of the need to encourage fearlessness in girls who thirst for scientific careers. When researching for "Ladies in Lab Coats", another of my artworks, I questioned a female neuro-scientist about the field of epigenetics. She pondered for several minutes but could not think of even one woman in the field. It is time.