Marie Bergstedt artist

Welcome to my website! This piece, "Love Crosses Borders" is inspired and modeled after my granddaughter at five. With an American mother and Mexican father, she proudly reaches across the borders of language and culture, personifying the love and values we can share across the globe.



People, their stories, and issues currently being faced in our world launch my artwork. Family members, a mixed-up tree of bloodlines that nobody can follow without a chart, especially encourage exploration of contradictions, tragedies, challenges, and sometimes bliss. Add a lifetime of experience with fascinating friends and you have my inspiration and real life examples to unbutton stories, mend tears, and stitch together relevant visual tales. I search for the best materials and techniques to visualize the wealth of personal relationships and episodes I experience, with a goal to encourage viewers to discover their own narrative through my characters. Textiles, the most universal material of mankind, support this journey.