Marie Bergstedt artist

A memorial to two gentle men who were "Urban Campers" and street musicians in Key West Florida for many years. Unframed by accepted norms they found a place in the culture at the farthest south point in the United States.

"Gentle Men on the Street", 2020, 56"H x 51"W x 4"D, Hand stitching, embroidery, knitting, and crochet over needlepoint canvas. Cotton, polyester, nylon, eco-felt, recycled clothing and buttons with eco-felt backing and wooden stretcher frames.



People, their stories, and issues currently being faced in our world launch my artwork. Family members, a mixed-up tree of bloodlines that nobody can follow without a chart, especially encourage exploration of contradictions, tragedies, challenges, and sometimes bliss. Add a lifetime of experience with fascinating friends and you have my inspiration and real life examples to unbutton stories, mend tears, and stitch together relevant visual tales. I search for the best materials and techniques to visualize the wealth of personal relationships and episodes I experience, with a goal to encourage viewers to discover their own narrative through my characters.