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Coated in COVID
Cotton threads & fabric, wool felt, non-woven interfacing
60"H x 36"W x 31"D

My artwork is sparked by my own or general cultural concerns. From there, I tell the stories of people who have experienced the issues or who have factual records of their connection to the issue. In the case of "Coated in COVID" I am addressing a concern and experience for the entire world, with a wrap to keep us warm and safe until the threat subsides. Hand crochet and embroidery flow through much of the garment with interpretations of COVID cells. A diagram of a genetic molecular strand of COVID and a high-definition microscopic image are also included. One underarm displays a list of COVID variants and the other underarm, the titles of vaccine research attempts and failures. A neck scarf denotes treatments for those infected with COVID-19. The back of the jacket reminds us of the four years COVID has been active, with a syringe signaling general availability of vaccines beginning in 2021. All the same, COVID continues to fall down all over the world. We need to stay in our wrap for now.