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Coated in COVID
Cotton threads & fabric, wool felt, non-woven interfacing
59"H x 28"W x 20"W

In "Coated in COVID" I am addressing a concern and experience for the entire world, with a wrap to keep us warm and safe until the threat subsides. Hand crochet and embroidery flow through much of the garment with interpretations of COVID cells. A diagram of a genetic molecular strand of COVID and a high-definition microscopic image are also included. One underarm displays a list of COVID variants and the other underarm, the titles of vaccine research attempts and failures. The back of the jacket reminds us of the four years COVID has been active, with a syringe signaling general availability of vaccines beginning in 2021. All the same, COVID continues to fall down all over the world at the time I am writing, 2023. We need to stay in our wrap for now.