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Hands Up
Mixed Media Sculpture Installation
60"W x 32"H x 30"D (variable)

Hands Up

As I grow older my priorities become more prominent. Perhaps the most important is to let everyone who has brought me happiness and success know how much I appreciate them.
I recorded names of people who saw me and reached out voluntarily, offers to exhibit my work, connections to opportunities, advice for doing better, interviews and publications. More than 60 people had offered unsolicited support! It is only through the kindness of these people that my art has found some success.
Their hands support me so that was a major part of the materials and the overall theme of this installation. I used as many hands as I could and I included all of the names. Embroidery made it possible to think about each person as I stitched and viewers who wanted to take the time could celebrate these wonderful people and speak each name.
There were three people on my list that stood out, not only because they helped me again and again but because they help hundreds, maybe thousands of other artists and just keep on going.
Please see the individual portraits of Maria Ortega, Kelly Liang and Professor Lin Le Cheng. For them I also referenced art that they create or outstanding aspects of their personality.