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I was invited by Anne Kempton to create a textile portrait of another fiber artist for a summer 2021 exhibit at Timeless Textiles Gallery in Australia. Along with 20 other selected artists from around the globe it is part of the "This Ain't the Archies" exhibit.

“Dungaree Deviations” casts in stitches, buttons and denim my vision of Jim Arendt. His three children dominate a treasured portion of his life and Facebook posts, represented here dancing into his brain in dungarees, so that his ideas can come out in denim. The treadle sewing machine is kind of “Basic Jim”. I have never known anyone so enamored by the repair of old sewing machines that people abandon theirs on the road near his house. They can be confident that Jim will take in their cast offs and have them purring along in no time, just like the feral cats that breed in the piles of old denim in his garage.

Textile Portrait/button work/San Francisco/denim/hand stitching
Dungaree Deviations
Mixed Fiber Media Wall Relief
49"H x 36"W x 3"D

Denim, wool, cotton, buttons, recycled clothing, needlepoint canvas.
Hand stitched embroidery, crochet, knitting, quilting, and button work.