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Child/figurative/immigration/SanFrancisco/Fiber/Buttons/quilting/wall hanging
Love Crosses Borders
Cotton, wool, silk, acrylic, buttons, beads, needlepoint canvas. Hand crochet, knitting, stitching and quilting.
60"H x 52"W x 2.5"D

Much of my artwork is prompted by issues currently in the news. I have examples of just about everything "out there" close at home, experiences I touch closely through living relatives, friends, and sometimes those now deceased. I work through the negative by creating artworks, which I hope to present positively. My American daughter is married to a very fine Mexican man. At five, my granddaughter is bilingual and seriously proud of her heritage and her Aztec middle name. All around the world, love truly does cross borders and with it, everyone benefits.