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Uncle Mike
Mixed Media Wall Relief
59"H x 25.5"W x 4"D

"Uncle Mike", my unique brother, was a 13-year "Urban Camper" and widely-recognized street musician in Key West, Florida. Reunited following 35 years apart, Mikey unbuttoned a whole new understanding of life for me. First as I completed a residency at The Studios of Key West, where I met his many friends, and again in Michigan where my sister brought Mikey for her grandchild's wedding. Consistently a pirate and boldly stepping out of from our box, he took the stage at every event. (Mikey was deceased in 2019 and memorialized in my artwork, "Gentle Men on the Street".)

Cotton, wool, mohair, leather, trims, antique linens, used garments, buttons, and beads over needlepoint canvas. Hand and machine stitching, crochet, knitting. Wool/rayon felt backing.