Marie Bergstedt artist

Welcome to my website! This piece, "Elsa Dreaming" is inspired and modeled after my granddaughter. She has taken on the persona of Elsa from the movie "Frozen" since October 2016. Since the super hero Elsa is a strong woman who loves her sister deeply and cares for others, it is kind of a magical role model we can admire. Pretty much every mother or person who has a close relationship with a 3 to 5 year old girl in my area of the country also has an Elsa like mine. They dress up, act and invite others to play the characters with them every day.



People and their stories captivate me, launching my artwork. Family members, a mixed-up tree of bloodlines that nobody can follow without a chart, especially encourage exploration of contradictions, tragedies, challenges, and outright bliss. Add a lifetime of experience with fascinating friends and you have my inspiration to unbutton stories, mend tears, and stitch together visual tales. I search for the best materials and techniques to visualize the wealth of personal relationships and episodes I experience, with a goal to encourage viewers to discover their own narrative through my characters. Textiles, the most universal material of mankind, support this journey.